Biomunity is a critically acclaimed product that nourishes 7 bodily systems*

*Editor’s Immune Health Product Pick.  Better Nutrition Magazine. March 2021. pp 31.

Immune SystemImmune System
Digestive SystemDigestive System
Dermatologic SystemDermatologic System
Cardiovascular SystemCardiovascular System
Metabolic SystemMetabolic System
Nervous SystemNervous System
Musculoskeletal SystemMusculoskeletal System

Scientifically Curated to Deliver Holistic Vitality.

Introducing a critically acclaimed product that delivers both targeted symbiosis and multi-system nutritional support. Biomunity nourishes 7 bodily systems with a blend of 15 premium-select ingredients, including prebiotics, probiotics, vitamins, and nutrients.

Designed to enhance the quality of your whole life, this is holistic vitality for the whole you—from hair shaft, to memory, to skin, to mood, to joints, to toenail, and most of the systems in between. Biomunity is powered by over two decades of scientifically verified, published, biomedical research and specially curated by microbiologists so you can live vitalized from deep within your gut microbiome to the outer layers of your skin.

Welcome to the benefits of premium quality. 

From the rigorous selection of each ingredient to the pharmaceutical-grade manufacturing process, Kibow Biotech focuses on verifiable quality so Biomunity can reliably vitalize your life. Yes, we DO have a laboratory on site, staffed with degreed professionals. Yes, we DO have two microbiologists on site—and a medical physician. It makes a difference you can experience.

Beyond Targeted Synbiotics.

We started with targeted synbiotic that delivers the benefits of specific proprietary probiotic strains to the gut microbiome. Then we chose premium quality functional prebiotics that enable the probiotics to thrive. Next, we chose a blend of unique nutrients that offer outstanding benefits directly to specific areas of the body typically impacted by illness, immune disfunction, and the aging process.

One box. Simple. Holistic. Convenient. Ready to make a difference you’ll enjoy. BeVitalize.

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