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Kibow - Pioneering innovation in dietary and digestive health supplements

Kibow® Biotech was founded in 1997, based in suburban Philadelphia, to develop scientifically formulated and clinically-tested probiotic and prebiotic dietary and digestive health supplements that can help fight the rapidly growing health risks of kidney and immune system disorders by restoring intestinal microflora (increasingly referred to as the microbiome).


Dietary and Digestive Health Supplements

Our flagship product, Renadyl™, is in use worldwide by people with kidney disease to help maintain healthy renal function by metabolizing uremic toxins in the large intestine and eliminating them from the body naturally, as solid waste, relieving the burden on compromised kidneys.

Biomunity™ is state-of-the-art maintenance for healthy immune systems. With 20+ years of expertise in every box. Biomunity is the first expertly balanced blend of vitamins, nutrients, probiotics AND the functional dietary fibers essential for supporting good bacteria in your lower digestive tract—the headquarters of the human immune system.

Kibow® provides the highest quality non-drug dietary supplements at affordable prices.


Committed to Innovation

Our mission is to address the health needs of humans and animals by utilizing our expertise in proprietary probiotics and prebiotic functional fibers with extensive scientific and clinical drug-like validation.

At Kibow® Biotech, the people behind our products care about your well-being, about the quality of our products, and making sure your body gets exactly what it needs.


Order With Complete Confidence

Biomunity™ is all-natural, vegetarian, GMO-Free, Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free, and manufactured in a facility that both complies with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) and also processes products containing peanuts, tree nuts, seeds, grains, eggs, crustacean, and dairy products. Each acid-resistant capsule is made from vegetarian ingredients.

Kibow® Biotech specializes in breakthrough patented and proprietary probiotic and prebiotic dietary and digestive health supplements for immune health, cardio health, kidney health, digestive health, and general wellness.


Unparalleled Expertise

Founded in 1997, we continue to pioneer the research and development of innovative products to improve microbiome health.

Buy With Confidence

Kibow Biotech is accredited by the Better Business Bureau, so your satisfaction is assured.

Our Vision

Advance the welfare of people globally by harnessing the power of the microbiome to develop superior effective, safe, and scientifically proven probiotic formulations.

We’re passionate about your health!

We’re not only passionate about your health, we’re committed to your satisfaction.

We’re in the gut health business so we know that people’s digestive tracts react differently to nutritional supplements. If you have a question about how your body is reacting to the new probiotics and prebiotics in our products, we want to hear from you.

We are proud of the relationships we’ve developed with our customers and we treat everyone as an individual, with the highest respect and regard for the trust you place in our products and company.

Remember that there may be a brief period of adjustment to any prebiotic and probiotic as you become accustomed to the tiny helpers crowding-out the bad bacteria from your system.