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Immune System Support: The Kibow® Immune System (KISS) Discount for Front Line Professionals:  25% Off When it Really Counts!

Kibow® Biotech thanks you for your service on the front lines of public health and safety!
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Stay safe out there!

BiomunityBuilt to help frontline professionals who risk their lives and health every day.

Biomunity™ is a premium quality, professional-grade nutritional supplement specifically designed to support the immune system at its headquarters. Biomunity’s unique combination of prebiotics, probiotics, vitamins, and nutrients were selected based on scientifically validated ability for immune system support for those challenged by both stress and community acquired pathogens.

Biomunity™  provides nutrients and functional fibers

When taken daily Biomunity™ ensures a consistent supply of nutrients and functional fibers essential to maintain a healthy immune response. This is especially important when you’re under stress and unable to eat a nutrient-rich diet—two factors that research shows can combine to debilitate the immune system

Kibow® Biotech thanks you for your service on the front lines of public health and safety!

The KISS Discount: 25% Off When it Really Counts!

The Kibow® Immune System Support (KISS) program has been created to ensure that, for about the cost of a large cup of coffee, our nation’s frontline Healthcare, EMS, Fire Rescue, and Law Enforcement professionals can easily afford Biomunity™ immune system support every day.
To qualify for the 25% KISS program discount simply enter your professional certification, your employer’s name, and its location, in the form prior to checkout.
While we want everyone to benefit from Biomunity™, Kibow® Biotech reserves the right to confirm program eligibility information.


Note: To qualify for KISS program, select the "Frontline Professional?" checkbox on the Account registration page. Clicking below button will redirect you to KISS program registration page.


Kibow® Biotech thanks you for your service on the front lines of public health and safety!

Smarter Support for Your Immune System

Comprehensive immune support in a blend of:





The all-natural dietary supplement that’s specifically designed to help modulate and fortify the immune system against stressors and environmental pathogens.


We know you’re stressed, concerned about your health, insist on high quality, AND interested in saving money. Biomunity™ was designed especially for you to help with your immune system support.


KISS Program Discount - 25% Off When it Really Counts! immune system support

KISS Program Verification Acknowledgement

(Please read before entering an “x” in the box. A check-in this box is required before this discount can be applied and your purchase completed.)

Please note that checking this box does NOT result in Kibow Biotech automatically contacting your employer for verification. We reserve the right to conduct spot checks to ensure that the program discount is being used as intended by frontline professionals

KISS Program Verification

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