Biomunity™ is comprehensive and convenient:
Probiotics + Prebiotics + Vitamins + Nutrients.

Smarter Support for Immune Systems through professional grade dietary and nutritional supplements

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Smarter Support for Immune Systems

Comprehensive immune support in a blend of:





The all-natural dietary supplement that’s specifically designed to help modulate and fortify the immune system against stressors and environmental pathogens.

Smarter Support for Immune Systems through professional grade dietary and nutritional supplements

Biomunity™ is professional grade nutritional supplementation that:

  Helps fight infection by improving disease resistance

  Improves energy

  May improve resistance to respiratory and pulmonary infection

  Relieves symptoms of irregularity associated with diet, stress, and medication side-effects

  Supports and maintains the body’s natural immune defense system

  Supports the gut against inflammation

  Supports a healthy gut microbiome

  Helps lower cholesterol

Be Vitalized: 5 systems to improve your quality of life

Biomunity™ Contains 5 + 5 + 5

5 Probiotic Bacterial Strains

Each capsule contains 50 Billion CFUs of our well-studied and clinically tested blend of 5 probiotic bacterial strains. Our probiotic blend has been shown to make a real difference in the quality of life of people with compromised immune systems so we’re confident in its ability to help people with healthy immune systems to respond to stress, environmental pathogens, and occasional irregularity.

About Our Probiotics

5 Prebiotics

Each accompanying prebiotic sachet contains a unique blend of essential prebiotics, vitamins, and nutrients that enable the probiotics to thrive in your system. But! There’s a lot more!

About Our Prebiotics

5 Vitamins & Nutrients

Each prebiotic sachet also includes Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, CoQ10, CurQfen, and Zinc! That’s fewer bottles cluttering up your shelf, substantial cost savings, and increased convenience!

About Our Vitamins & Nutrients

Prebiotics, probiotics, vitamins and nutrients

The Kibow® Immune System Support (KISS) program

Professional Grade Dietary and Nutritional Supplements for frontline Healthcare, EMS, Fire Rescue, and Law Enforcement professionals.

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